What's pure silicone fluids?


Pure Silicone Fluids are clear, colorless and odorless linear 100% Polydimethylsiloxane Silicone Fluids / PDMS Silicone Oils that range in viscosity from 0.65cSt to 1 million cSt (measured @ 25°C).

Viscosities > 5cSt are characterized by their wide service temperature range, high resistance to oxidation, high damping action, excellent lubricity, low viscosity change at temperature (Low VTC), compatibility with O-rings, gaskets and valve materials, and high dielectric strength.

Lower viscosities are characterized by their low pour points, low temperature stability, low viscosity and low viscosity change at temperature (Low VTC)(even at extremely low temperatures), low surface tension, high compressibility and high dielectric strength.

Pure Silicone Fluids are widely used as laboratory bath fluids, heat transfer fluids, dielectric fluids, damping fluids for gauges and instruments, high pressure fluids, low temperature fluids, high temperature fluids, lubricants for plastic and rubber parts, O-ring lubricants, gasket lubricants, ink release agents, anti-foam agent and down-hole fluids for oil/gas industry, turbo-generator fluids, flow control fluids, vibration damping fluids, wetting agents, hydrophobic fluids, high UV resistance fluids, calibration fluids, hydraulic fluids and for optical fluids for applications such as RI matching.

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