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Octamethyl cyclotetrasiloxane

Chemical Name: Octamethyl cyclotetrasiloxane

Appearance: colorless transparent oily liquid

  • Product Overview
    • Performance and Technical Indexes
      Appearance and Properties: colorless transparent oily liquid

      PH Value:7                     Melting Point (℃): 17.5

      Relative Density(Water’s=1):0.96

      Boiling Point(℃)175[101.3kPa]

      Relative Density(WATER’S=1):0.96

      Relative Density (Air’s=1):without data

      Pressure of Saturated Vapor(kPa):0.1[20℃]

      Octanol/water distribution coefficient:5.1

      Ignition Temperature (℃)4000   Flashing Point(℃)56

      Upper Limit of Explosion[%(V/V)]:11.7

      Lower Limit of Explosion[%(V/V)]:0.4


      Dissolubility:undissolvable in water,dissolvable in organic solvent such as benzene etc.

      Technical Indexes



      Chroma/platinum-cobalt chroma No./Hazen ≤


      Dioptre Nd20


      Mass fraction of octamethyl cyclo tetrasiloxane/%≥


      :it will produce organosilicon high polymer from ring-opening reaction under catalyzing of acid or alkali,which is a basic material of silicon oil and silicon rubber and is also can  be directly used in rubber filler treatment or raw material for cosmetics.


      Hazard Characteristics :The admixture of vapor and air is explosive ;Explosive admixture is formed by minute dispersed particulate matter in the Air’s.Electrostatic force accumulate and may ignite inhalator ,Hidden fire danger can be avoided by earth ,parallel connection or inertia gas protection.




      Condition to Avoid being Contacted :without data


      Banned Articles :Oxidant


      Decomposition products:silicon dioxide,carbon dioxide and minimum uncompleted combustion carbide,formaldehyde


      Package ,storage and  transportation :It should be packed in 200L iron bucket (net weight 180kg/bucket) and be stored in a shady ,cool and ventilated storehouse .It should be kept away from kindling or heat sources . Temperature in the storehouse above 30 ℃ is not suitable.Air proof package is required. And it should be put and stored separately from oxidant, and alkali. Corresponding varied and quantitative fire fighting equipment should be equipped .Mechanical equipment and tools which are easy to produce sparks are prohibited to beused.Avoidelectrostatic force being accumulated. When conveying ,take care of loading and unloading to avoid damage on package and vessels.

      Quality guarantee period of this product is 6 months.Recheck by this standard is required when the product exceeds the time limit .The product can still be used only after the result of recheck is up to the standard.