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D6 Dodecamethyl Cyclohexasiloxane

Chemical name : Cyclohexasiloxane

CAS No. : 540-97-6

EINECS: 208-762-8

Apperance : colorless transparent liquid

  • Product Overview
    • Physical and chemical features:

      1. Colorless & odorless & transparent & non-toxic

      2. High and low temperature resistance

      3. Low freezing point & low surface tension & high flash point

      Item Index
      AppearanceColorless,transparent liquid
      Relative Density(25°C)0.950-0.960
      Viscosity(CS 25°C)3-8
      Surface Tension(25°C)20.8
      Refractive index1.3850-1.4050

      Packing and Storage and Precaution:

      1. Sealed packing :200 kg / iron drum

      2. Storage in dry, ventilated place under normal temperature. No mixed storage with acid and alkali substance. The storage place should be provided fire equipment.

      3. Do not use those equipment and tools which easy to produce sparks. Careful handling while loading and unloading.