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Name:Methylhydro DichlorosilaneMolecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:It is mainly used in the production of hydrosilicone oil ,methyi vinyl monomer and aminosilance,osmotic water repellant etc.view details
Name:Trimethyl chlorosilaneMolecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:It is mainly used in the production of MM end –capping agent, silazane, cephalosporin anti-biotic, protection agent of active groups’reaction ectview details
Name:Dimethyl DiethoxysilaneMolecular formula:C6H16O2Si
Applications:It is mainly used as modifier in organic silicone resin,control agent of mixed gel structure of organic silicone,chemical reagent of vinyl end-capping agent and raw material of macromolecular organic silicone compound.view details
Name:Methyl TriethoxysilaneMolecular formula:
Applications:This product is the important raw material for producing silicon resin ,phenyl methyl silicone oil and waterproofing agents,At the same time ,it is easy to dissolve in water ,It can produce alkali metal silicone alkoxide with alkali metal hydroxide.And itview details
Name:HTV,Silicone RubberMolecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:It can be used in the manufacture of temperature resistant,air proofmaterials and damp proof insulation materials in the industry of aviation,electron,mechanism and chemistry etc.In the industry of medicine and sanitation,as a raw material of milling siliview details