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Name:RTV, Silicone Rubber GumMolecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:It is widely used in many areas such as caulking joint in construction; insulation, antishock,damp proof and anticorrosion for electronic components;moulding and demoulding for rubber products,smooth agents for leathers. It is also a basic material for maview details
Name:Hydroxyl-terminated Polydimeth...Molecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:It can be used as structural control agents for milling rubber or chain extending agents for synthesizing other products, It also can be used in treatment of waterproof ,softening and antiadhesion for fabric,paper sheet ,and leather.view details
Name:Partly Methyl Hydrogen Silicon...Molecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:Chemical Name: Partly Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluidview details
Name:Methyl Hydrogen Silicone FluidMolecular formula:CH3HCl2Si
Applications:Chemical Name: Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid CAS No.: 63148-57-2view details
Name:Methyl Silicone FluidMolecular formula:
Applications:It is widely used in insulated lubrication, quakeproof, oil proof, dust proof, dielectric liquid and heat carrier. And it can also be applied in defoaming, mold release agent, oil paint and additives for chemical products of daily use.view details